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SculpSure vs CoolSculpting: Comparing the two treatments

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What is SculpSure and what is CoolSculpting?


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  • Uses suction pads to suck, freeze and destroy the fat cells.
  • Medically known as non-invasive cryogenic lipolysis.

How are the treatments different?

Time commitment


25 minutes per area

  • How the SculpSure machine is set up means several areas of the body can be treated at once in just 25 minutes (depending on the size of those areas). For example, both flanks can be treated during the 25-minute session.
  • For best results, patients may need multiple sets of four diodes (the part of the applicator with the lasers) for each treatment.


35–60 minutes per area

  • Unable to treat multiple areas at once.
  • For example, treating both flanks would take 70–120 minutes—two separate treatments of 35–60 minutes.

Number of treatments needed

Because your clinician develops a plan tailored to your needs, the number of sessions varies from patient to patient.


Only one session to see some improvement

  • For the best possible results, at least two sessions are recommended.


Normally 2–4 sessions depending on your preferences/suitability

  • How many treatments you have is ultimately up to you.
  • Your clinician will offer advice based on how many areas of your body are suitable for treatment.

Uncomfortable sensations


Deep, warm sensation; possibly some mild, brief soreness

  • Initially a cooling sensation, followed by a deep warmth and/or tingling.
  • You may experience mild soreness afterwards, but this won’t interfere with your day-to-day activities.


Some numbness

  • Some patients describe needing nerve pain medication after CoolSculpting.
  • CoolSculpting numbs the area you’ve had treated and sometimes this numbness can persist for a while.

Marks on the body


No marks

  • The applicator uses laser heads which leave no visible marks on your body.


Possibility of suction marks

  • Suction pads are fitted to the part of the body the CoolSculpting device is to freeze. Some patients have reported “shark-bite” marks on the treated parts of their body, caused by the extreme cold failing to transfer properly between treated and non-treated areas of fat.

Immediate aftercare


“Get up and go” treatment

  • You won’t need any rest or recovery after the procedure.
  • We recommend a quick exercise session the same day to improve how your body burns fat.


Extra care needed

  • The area(s) you’ve had treated will need to be massaged after treatment. Once this is done, you can get back to your daily life.
  • Avoid strenuous physical activity and exercise until your doctor gives you the all-clear to resume.
  • Some patients choose to take one or two days off work after the treatment for the best possible recovery. This isn’t necessary but it can make the recovery process more pleasant.

Side effects


Few to no side effects

  • No long-term side effects.
  • No bruising.
  • You may have some short-term swelling and mild to moderate tenderness.


More reported side effects, including bruising and delayed discomfort

  • Typical side effects include:
    • redness
    • swelling and bruising
    • tingling or stinging
    • tenderness
    • cramps or aching
    • itching
    • sensitive skin

These generally go away within days or weeks.

  • More serious side effects include:
    • delayed onset pain (which often needs prescription medication)
    • nerve damage
    • paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (according to recent research)—when, rather than reduce fat, the treatment causes your body to swell because more abnormal fat cells start to grow

CoolSculpting Mini vs SculpSure Submental

CoolSculpting Mini and SculpSure submental are both designed exclusively to fight chin fat (the double chin), which is one of the hardest types of fat to remove.

Neither treatment causes any major discomfort.

How are the treatments similar?

Both are non-invasive

  • This means they are not surgery and so your body will not be cut open in any way. You won’t need anaesthetic. Instead, machines are applied to the outside of your skin to treat the fat underneath.

Both are FDA-approved

  • This means the US Food and Drug Administration has certified them as being safe and effective. Read more about Sculpsure’s FDA approval here.

How are the results different?

Both SculpSure and CoolSculpting produce similar results.

  • SculpSure—destroys up to 24% of fat cells in 25 minutes
  • CoolSculpting—destroys between 20%–25% of fat cells in 50 minutes

It takes around 3–6 months to begin seeing results. With SculpSure, you should see results as soon as six weeks, with optimal results coming after 12 weeks. One recent study used ultrasound to demonstrate the change in fat thickness after SculpSure. In the study, the patient lost 2 cm of thickness over six months:

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