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If you’re deciding whether to have laser lipolysis, the first thing you’ll want to know is how your body will look after the treatment. Will the results be worth it?

SculpSure is a minimally invasive type of laser lipolysis. Read more about how it works here.

Scroll down to see before-and-after pictures of patients who have undergone SculpSure.

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SculpSure before and after:

SculpSure before and after—abdomen and flanks

The ideal candidate for SculpSure is someone who has fat around the abdomen and flanks (love handles) that they’re unable to shift through diet or exercise.

The process takes only 25 minutes and up to four areas can be treated at once. Most patients only need one treatment to see results, although the best results come after two treatments.

Studies have shown that patients can lose 2 cm of fat in six months. Below, you can see the results in the four to 15 weeks following the procedure.

Four weeks after treatment

This image shows a patient who had her abdomen treated with SculpSure. These results come four weeks after the second procedure was carried out (most practitioners will recommend two courses of treatment).

Six weeks after treatment

It takes your body three to six months to naturally metabolise melted fat to a point where you can see the effects. With SculpSure, many patients start to see results six weeks after treatment.

The images below show patients who have undergone SculpSure on their abdomen and flanks. These are the results six weeks after the second of two treatments.

12 weeks after treatment

Although some patients see the effects of treatment as early as four to six weeks, many doctors caution that the best results might not show until up to 12 weeks later.

The images below show results after 12 weeks, and two rounds of SculpSure.

SculpSure before and after—chin and neck

SculpSure Submental is designed exclusively to fight chin fat (the double chin), which is one of the hardest types of fat to remove. It uses a special kind of applicator, which fits snugly under the chin and uses the same SculpSure laser technology to melt the fat beneath the skin.

Studies have shown that two brief treatments six weeks apart can dramatically reduce fat under the chin and jawline and tighten the skin.

Seven weeks after treatment

This image shows the results seven weeks after a single SculpSure procedure carried out under the chin.

12 weeks after treatment

The images below demonstrate SculpSure’s effects after 12 weeks (two treatments), the time many doctors cite as the point when the results start to show themselves most prominently

SculpSure before and after—thighs

When used to treat the inner and outer thighs, SculpSure can reduce fat by 20% to 25%.

While some patients need just one treatment to get the results they want, many choose to have more. And because the thighs tend to experience more swelling than other parts of the body, the results sometimes take longer to show.

Six weeks after treatment

The image below shows the results of one round of SculpSure treatment to the inner thighs six weeks later.

Nine weeks after treatment

This image shows the results nine weeks after the patient’s third of three procedures on her outer thighs.

12 weeks after treatment

In the images below, 12 weeks have passed since just one course of SculpSure was carried out to the patients’ inner thighs. These are the results.

Six months after treatment

Generally, it takes the body up to six months to naturally break down and absorb melted fat so the results of SculpSure become apparent.

This image, taken six months after treatment, shows the extent to which the patient’s thighs have

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